Meet Signature

Jack Shaw President/CEO

Jack is our President and CEO and founded our company in 1999. Before starting Signature Property, he served as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer & Field Supervisor for 33 years between the States of Pennsylvania, New York and Florida. He was known in the law enforcement community as an authority on mail theft, identity theft, and suspicious parcels. As a licensed Community Association Manager, he conducts Board Meetings, oversees regulatory compliance by vendors, reviews Association insurance policies, and prepares official documentation for Association elections and meetings. Additionally, should a legal matter arise, he is the Association’s direct point of contact with legal counsel.

He can be reached at

Meryle Shaw Vice President

Meryle is the Vice President of our company, who co-founded Signature Property with Jack. She is in charge of all administrative duties including keeping Association financial records (accounts receivable/accounts payable, etc.) and works closely with the Association CPAs and attorneys. She also handles the preparation of budgets and fiscal reports and maintains all records in accordance with Florida laws. She is the main point of contact when you call our office.

She can be reached at

Dana Shaw Vice President

Dana is also a Vice President in our company and is our licensed on-site property manager. He is the person regularly visiting our communities. Upon graduating from the University of Central Florida, he served both the State of Florida and later, the State of Colorado, as a Law Enforcement Officer. Throughout his career in public service, he received multiple commendations from both citizens and command staff and has now directed his skills and experience toward Community Association Management. As a licensed Community Association Manager, he oversees the day-to-day operations of all properties, conducts compliance inspections and vandalism investigations, and is the main point of contact for residents, Board Members, and vendors.

He can be reached at